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The wheels historical development process(人气:) 
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Wheels historical development process: Sometimes, the most simple invention is most important. While not able to say who is the first to invent the wheel, but the earliest records date back to 5500 years ago.

   With wheels only days we take for granted from photocopying machines to jet engines and other modern machine. The wheels have a unique point, that is, they are round, no edges, roll and rotation can be uniformly. This makes the land transport of bicycles, cars, trains and trams can walk smooth road, rail and rugged ground. In addition, the circular motion of the wheels of the right to use, it can keep the engine kinetic energy transfer out.

      Many other also rely on the wheel of the invention, For example, the crane could rely on pulleys [grooved wheels, the groove around the strap] to reduce the force required of carrying heavy loads. The gear can increase or decrease the speed and force of the wheels. Numerous machine, including the engine and aircraft, also can not do without the gear.

   Before inventing the wheel, pushing or dragging heavy objects on the ground then people might see the smooth stone rolling down from the hill and be inspired, have the wheels to transport the idea.

   About 4500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids for the tomb and temple. Groups of workers with the roll of wood to move the boulder. The invention of the wheel wheels record can be traced back to about 3500 BC potters wheel. This is a simple rotation of the disk, and South-West Asia Mesopotamian pottery workers use it to create a smooth circular clay pot. About 300 years later, Mesopotamia Mesopotamia to car on wheels, wheel traffic era began.

     Wheels in the application of the ancient the earliest wheel is solid wooden wheels on the carriage. With twenty-three of wood pieces together, and then cut into the round. They first appeared in about 3200 BC. Spoke wheels began to appear around 2000 BC. Such wheels are lighter than solid wheels turn faster, apply to the chariot. With wire-spoke wheels appear before and after 1800, they are lightweight, sturdy wheels first used in the car, bicycle and on early Wyatt. 1950s, the car on a wire wheel is replaced by a metal wheel. Shaft and bearing wheels rotate on the shaft. Usually have ball bearing wheel, they are several rolling steel ball in between the wheel and the shaft allows the wheels to rotate smoothly. If no bearing on the map a huge Ferris wheel weight oppression of the wheels on the shaft so that the wheels can not rotate.

     Caster's history: dates back to the the casters history is a very difficult thing, but after the invention of the wheel, handling and moving objects easier, but the wheels can only run in a straight line, for moving material objects when the direction of change is still very difficult, then people invented the wheel with steering structure, which is what we now call the casters or caster.

     The casters appears moving objects in particular to the people handling brings the revolutionary era, easily handling not only can, but also with the move in any direction, greatly improving efficiency.
     Modern With the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more devices need to move casters are also more and more widely in the world applications, all walks of life is almost inseparable from the caster modern With the continuous development of science and technology equipment increasingly the development of more multi-functional and high utilization, casters became indispensable parts casters are much more specialized and became a special industry.
     Caster application: the application of the casters is very extensive, involving almost any industry. According to the needs of different industries, people continue to invent all kinds of casters in the world there are about 150,000 kinds of casters used in various industries.



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