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Wheel selection method(人气:) 
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Wheel selection method has a lot of different factors that determine the choice of casters, the key is the most suitable for your use. Following recommended a few select casters.

A single casters need to reach the carrying capacity is determined based on the design deadweight carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of the casters casters the most basic and critical requirements of actual use situations vary widely, therefore, the actual choice of the carrying capacity of the casters should leave some safety margin, the most commonly used type of four installation, for example, usually can be two options: to bear the full weight of the select three casters. A pace of launches vacant, this method is applicable to the shipment of goods or equipment during the move, casters withstand the momentum occasions of poor ground conditions, especially in the larger the total weight of the case. Withstand 120% of the total weight of four feet round choice. This method is applicable to the ground in good condition, the shipment of goods or equipment during the move, casters to withstand the impact of smaller occasions. Of particular note, for those casters will be a great impact on the situation, not only to select a large carrying capacity casters, and should use a specially designed impact structure.
Going to: select the appropriate wheels material according to the the casters actual working conditions. Wheels direct contact with the ground are susceptible to a variety of objects on the ground and the ground and the surrounding environment of corrosive media invasion and corrosion, if you choose properly, will greatly shorten the casters will use life, work environment. interested in the use of the wheel impact. The rough ground shall wear-resistant, elastic rubber, polyurethane or the super artificial rubber tire sub: very special high or low temperature or the temperature difference between the work environment, you should select the metal wheels or a special high temperature wheel in place to prevent the accumulation of static electricity generated, preferably using special anti-static round, If the ground is not claimed, the choice of the metal []; work environment, there are a lot of corrosive media, should be accordingly Select the wheels having a good corrosion resistance. Based on the use of the environment to adapt to the requirements of casters, selected the most appropriate model.

Rotation flexibility precision ball bearing operation is especially smooth and flexible, especially suitable for high-end equipment and peaceful environment, quality DuPont engineering plastics manufacturing Patel spirit bearing widely adapted to a variety of corrosive media; elaborate needle bearing in under the weight still ease; protect beautiful floors, use a soft rubber polyurethane and super artificial rubber tire; avoid leaving unsightly on the ground round India, please select a special gray rubber wheel polyurethane round super of artificial rubber tire and wheels round India. . . . . .

The temperature requirements bitter cold and scorching heat may have resulted in trouble a lot of wheels, the best selection of ambient temperature adaptation wheels.

Five other in accordance with a variety of special requirements, you can select the appropriate accessories [detailed annex]. Dust caps, seals and anti-wrapped cover can keep casters rotating parts clean and prevent a variety of fiber tangles so Casters long-term use remains flexible and ever; single button device can effectively prevent the casters rotation and steering, so You can stay in any position.



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