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Wheels choice (人气:) 
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The choice of wheels: single round of industrial casters with a wide range of size, type, tread not want to.

    Select the appropriate wheels to take in the following conditions:
   A weight-bearing
   B venue environment
   C various special climate, such as humidity, high temperature, or cold.
   D working environment containing chemicals, blood, grease, oil, salt and other substances.
   E impact, collision and quiet driving requirements. The single wheel is the most important factor to determine the carrying capacity and traveling light and flexible.

   Wheel material is characterized by:

   Compression strength: compression test procedure, the sample is exposed to the maximum compressive stress, units banknote MPa.

   Hardness: means for measuring the hardness of the rubber and the other tire and wheel core material, with a Shore "A" or "D".

  Elongation: the role of the tension, the distance between the specimen fracture when marking to increase the ratio of the amount of the initial gage, expressed in percentage.

  Impact strength: the material to withstand a free fall heavy loads imposed by the violent impact of the performance. / Lb ft / lbs the stamping reactive test temperature expressed.

  Resistance to deformation under the weight of a location change into flat, that test samples to withstand a static pressure load: long heavy wheels, after the stipulated shed load after the end of the compression time, sub-point change table height percent compared with the original height.

  Operating temperature: measured at rated load operating temperature range.

  Adhesion: a speed of 6 inches / minute tires is peeled off from the top of the bonded wheel core required force, in pounds divided by the line width of the tire calculated.

  Tensile strength: wheels from the fracture of the transverse cross-sectional force required. Lateral force in pounds divided by the sample area (square inch) then.

  Water Absorption: The increase in weight of the test sample. Weight after a certain procedure test with a percentage of the initial weight of said samples.

  Member of the anti-wrapped cover: to avoid and other material wound around the axle and the bracket and wheels gap, so that the wheel can rotate freely.

  Seals: Avoid steering bearings or the single wheel bearings into the dust, to maintain its lubricity, easy rotation.

  Lock: spring latch lock steering bearings (four or two locking) activities casters lock for fixed casters.

 Single wheel brake: the wheel the sleeve or tire surface, hand or foot brake valves manipulation device.

 Full brake latch: to the conveyance Hereinafter, the apparatus so that it is fixed at a certain position.

 : Including steering arm lever, rubber bumpers, mats, locking pads and other parts with a specific purpose. If you want to know the specific, direct contact with manufacturers.



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